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How to choose your own outdoor furniture


        When the weather gets warmer, we spend more time outdoors。At this point, it is essential to create a beautiful outdoor recreation space that reflects our taste of life and is coordinated with outdoor family life or friends' gatherings。For outdoor leisure activities, in the West there are semi-permanent pavilions or mobile pergolas, while in ancient China it is generally permanent pavilions。Our company has a series of pergola products to choose from)


A few tips for choosing outdoor furniture:

1.        Just as you choose indoor furniture, choose outdoor furniture that matches your lifestyle 。We have a wide range of styles and styles to choose from, conservative traditional and open modern outdoor furniture。

2.        Decide what price you can afford based on your income and ability to buy。For example, a teak table can cost from 1,500 yuan to 16,000 yuan or more。The general set of iron outdoor furniture includes 4 chairs, and a glass table is only about 1500 yuan。

3.        Take a close look at different outdoor furniture materials to see if they match the style of your garden and gazebo。

4.        Use/look for specially produced outdoor seat cushions that are resistant to mold, sun and tear。The internal filler should be non-absorbent and quick-drying polyester material。

5.        Before buying outdoor furniture, try it out and make sure chairs and stools are comfortable to sit in。

6.        Choose a table that is large enough for your needs and range of space。Sheet diameter 1.A 2-meter table can be used comfortably for five people。

7.        Add a comfortable recliner or two as needed, so you can lie down and rest when you're tired。

8.        Finally, pick a classic-looking umbrella for shade or rain, or even put a string of small light bulbs on it to spice up the party。


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