Human resources
       We give top priority to our talent strategy and are committed to building a professional, efficient, passionate, creative, hardworking and pragmatic international team。

       The competition of modern enterprises will ultimately come down to the competition of human capital, talent is the fundamental。 "Let professional people do professional things" is the basic principle of human resources allocation of Dingsheng, so that the cause attracts people, the mechanism trains people, the culture unites people, and the emotion retains people。

       We take the enterprise spirit of "integrity, diligence, people-oriented and innovation" as the main line, advocate "inclusive personality traits, advocate team cooperation", and try to provide development space for everyone, so that the introduction of personnel under the common vision and goals to play their own advantages。

       Respecting human rights, giving full play to human potential, valuing human creation, recognizing human value, resolving interpersonal conflicts, and improving human accomplishment are always the starting point and destination of Dingsheng human resources work。

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